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The Motown Automotive Professionals car club was formed in

the early 1970's. Over the years we have attended many of the

local high schools and put on presentation for the young

student. Lately, a few of the members decided to do more for

the community, by assembling an automotive vocational

training facility for the economically and socially deprived

young adults.

The Motown Automotive Professionals nonprofit (MAPn) is a

corporation focused on supplying that support. In the current

climate, a significant number of high school aged individuals

are heading into society without the desire or means to go to

college. They are looking at the dangerous and deadly street

scene, because they think it is the only option.

We need to expand the choices for these young adults. Large

numbers of them carry an interest in automobiles, so it makes

good sense to capitalize on this fact. We need to use their

interest to keep them stimulated long enough for them to learn

a skill they can use to become a productive member of society.

MAPn will create an environment that consists of instruction

on current automotive repair and the correct use of approved

products from the after market.

Included in the program will be:

• (MAPnREM) Remedial training for all of those whom

it is required

• (MAPn100) The Automotive Industry

• (MAPn200) Shop Procedures, Safety, Tools, and


• (MAPn300) Vehicle Inspection

• (MAPn400) Engine Operation and Service

• (MAPn500) Cooling and Fuel System Theory AND


• (MAPn600) Electrical System Theory AND SERVICE


• (MAPn800) Automotive Engine Service and Repair

• (MAPn900) Miscellaneous Chassis Theory and Service

• (MAPn1000) Suspension, Steering and Alignment

• (MAPn1100) Drivetrain

• (MAPn1200) Comfort Systems and Vehicle


The participants will be instructed in a classroom setting and

then given hands-on experience under the supervision of

Michigan Board of Education certified instructors in each

subject. The classes will run three evening per weekends forty-

eight weeks per year, for two years. After this, a paid two-year

apprentice program in a local auto repair facility. The

participant will then have all of the qualifications on each field

area of certification they wish to be involved in.

Applicants will be chosen from a list supplied by guidance

counselors in the metro Detroit, Michigan public school system

with preference to those that are economically and socially

deprived, minority or challenged in one or more areas and

walk-in after a satisfactory interview with the staff members.

Our main requirement of the student is that they have the

desire and commitment to the goal.

There will also be field trips to Motorsports events to expose

students of this program to the excitement and gratifying

rewards awaiting the persons with the right credentials.

All of this will be done at low cost and or financial aid to the student. MAPn will

secure funding from the business community under the Internal

Revenue Code 501(c)(3) guidelines and donations from

Corporate America and the public.

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