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How To Make a Safer Community by Helping the "At-Risk" Group.



Motown Automotive Professionals nonprofit (MAPn)

The prime goal of MAPn is to create a better community by supplying no-cost vocational education support for the socially and economically deprived young adults in the ?at risk? segment of the Metro Detroit area. By so doing, we will raise the aggregate value of the community and create a safer neighborhood.

MAPn secondary goal is to influence the young adults with genuine interest in their development toward independent living. We don?t want them to keep constantly relying on Public assistance for survival or something worst.

The third goal starts after initial testing to determine their educational level of competence, MAPn will arrange instruction in automotive vocational training for the disadvantaged after that evaluation. MAPn will provide the student with at least A tenth grade reading ability through our remedial courses.

MAPn will start the formal curriculum by providing instruction on the safe usage of hand and power tools. To accomplish the goal of national certification, the students will be given classroom and shop sessions for the first two years. After completion of this segment, the students will be acquainted with a local automotive repair/service facility, where they will be involved in on-the-job training for the next two years. This is the requirement of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) to obtain national certification.

MAPn is in the start-up mode and will appreciate all help and support from the community in our effort to provide no-tuition automotive vocational training for the disadvantaged.

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POLICY: MAPn will not discriminate against any student, individual or group because of race, sex, religion, age, national origin, color, marital status, political beliefs or disability.


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